Tips on Operating the Microwave Oven

Despite the fact that for most years most families have used microwave ovens, there are still different opinions about its benefits or harm.

Most scientists argue that with proper use of this device, food does not contain harmful substances in its composition, and does not reduce the content of vitamins, minerals and other useful components.

In this case, despite the long operation of the microwave oven, a certain category of people do not follow certain rules, which increases the risk of getting different problems related to the state of health.

One of them is that you should not leave a working cooker unattended when food is cooked in it, because it can lead to overheating, as a result, even useful products can become harmful to health.

Use of a Plastic Container is Harmful to Health

The same applies to the cooking or reheating of dishes placed in plastic containers, because it contains a poisonous substance, Bisphenol A, which is actively released at high temperatures. It is worth noting that recently in many European countries everything is being done to limit the use of plastic bags and plastic containers, because in addition to environmental pollution, they are not safe for health.

It is not a secret to anyone that it is best to use special utensils designed for heating food in a microwave oven.

Those housewives who prefer to cook dishes in such an oven, do not forget about the occasional mixing of it, because it heats unevenly, especially for soups. Before you start to prepare a dish, you need to set the right time, on which not only taste, but also useful properties depend. In order not to get burned hands, when getting food, it is recommended to use special gloves, and do not forget that after each operation of the oven, it must be cleaned, removing the remnants of products in order to prevent the emergence of microbes.

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