Thyroid Function

One of the organs important for human life is the thyroid gland, designed to produce hormones, through which the metabolic process and the presence of calcium in the bone system are regulated, and if the level of their production increases or, conversely, decreases, this will inevitably affect the overall state of health.

When the production of thyroid hormones decreases, (in medicine this disease is called “hypothyroidism”), a person appears to be overweight, often there is drowsiness, chills and even depression, but many people believe that the cause of such symptoms is a change of weather, stressful situation or just fatigue.

In addition, with such a disease, ringing in the ears, headache, and pain in the muscles often occur, and this is not to say that a person suffers from forgetfulness, mental faculties worsen.

However, in addition to hypothyroidism, there is a thyrotoxicosis disease that occurs due to an excess of hormones, and, more often, it appears in women. In such cases, a person sweats, constantly changing mood, and this happens dramatically, as well as impaired vision.

Products With Big Iodine Content

When there is a shortage of iodine in the body, the thyroid gland enlarges, resulting in muscle cramps, often a headache, and also swelling. In order to avoid problems with the work of this body, experts recommend that you include in the diet some foods that are rich in antioxidants and iodine.

Most of all this chemical element is contained in the seafood, namely in the kelp, which must be present in the menu at least once a week.

Due to the fact that sour-milk products and eggs contain iodine and selenium, you can regulate the production of hormones by using such products. In chicken meat and veal contains a useful mineral, such as zinc, which helps balance the work of the thyroid gland. In order to prevent inflammation in the body and slow down the oxidation, you should eat more berries, in which a large number of antioxidants are contained.

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