This Fruit Peel Can Surprise You

Quite well copes with various problems on the skin of banana peel.

And if you previously wastefully threw it into the trash can just after you cleaned the middle and ate it, now you will treat this peel as a very useful and necessary for your beauty ingredient.

So, for those who are not familiar with the healing properties of banana peel, you need to remember a few points. If you have acne on the face or wrinkles, swelling under the eyes or age spots, then you need to use a banana peel to remove all these cosmetic defects.

It is enough simply to clean the skin of the face, massage the inside of the peel and leave it for half an hour. After this, it is necessary to wash with warm water and enjoy a wonderful effect, which will begin to manifest itself in a few applications.

Let your skin nourish with all the beneficial trace elements that are contained in the banana and get your dose of vitamins. Believe me, you have never kept such nice masks on your face.

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