This Breakfast Is Not Right

It often happens that way, especially when young parents hurry to work, and along the way they have to get their kids into a kindergarten, that a rather large surplus of carbohydrates is used to feed the baby, instead of saturating it with plenty of fiber for the next day.

That is, parents blow their baby fast foods – cookie pads, or the cornflakes in chocolate are poured with milk, as well as similar foods available in any supermarket.

All this gives the kid a huge amount of fast carbohydrates, which means that within an hour he will be hungry enough. It is best to use products that are rich in vegetable fiber.

For example – oatmeal porridge or rice with vegetables. These products contain carbohydrates of long-term decay, which not so quickly causes hunger, and also rich in fiber, which allows to normalize the proper digestion.

In addition, such breakfasts will reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus, and the baby will have a normal weight without fat in the body in the future.

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