These Products Will Help Strengthen Your Immunity

With the end of the summer season, colds come and, according to experts, it is at this time of year that the greatest number of cold and viral diseases are recorded.

The main reason for this is that the body is not yet fully prepared for sudden changes in temperature and humidity. In order to avoid this, you should choose the right clothes and shoes, not allowing the body to subcool.

In addition, nutritionists recommend a review of the diet, which should be varied. As it became known, as a result of the research, some products were revealed that are capable of affecting the immune system, strengthening it. One such is onions and garlic, which are recommended for daily consumption in moderate amounts.

The fact that they contain substances that provide protective properties in the fight against infectious diseases.

It is not a secret for anyone that during breakfast one of the most common dishes is oatmeal. And this is not accidental, because in the grains of these cereal crops there are many vitamins, amino acids, minerals that do not only strengthen the body’s resistance to various diseases, but also purify it, leading to harmful accumulation.

In Mushrooms Many Vitamin D

It became known that mushrooms are rich in selenium, vitamin B2, but, most importantly, they contain vitamin D, which promotes better absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, dairy products, especially yoghurt or kefir, without sugar and other additives, can improve the microflora of the intestines, resulting in increased protective properties of the body.

However, not only food products, but also drinks are of no small importance, perhaps, therefore, in the autumn period of time it is recommended not to give up broth of dogrose, cranberry mors and a wide application of forest berries.

It became known that green tea has invigorating properties no worse than coffee, while it has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and is capable of releasing substances that fight infections.