The Woman That Sings In The Soul

It is said that if a woman starts singing in the bathroom, it means that her thoughts are completely occupied with the fact that they begin to realize their happiness.

And no matter where it came to her happiness, most importantly, it is the process of transforming the female body.

Carefully take a closer look, but after such a realization of happiness, very often a woman looks as if she looked younger for several years. And the whole thing is in the hormonal background, which is almost rebuilt when a woman begins to feel happy. And if at that moment there will be a man next to him who can protect his beloved from the influence of negative factors from the external environment, and the dates will enjoy their fortune in full, then the effect of happiness multiplies at once by half.

Such happy women. It is visible from afar. They very often say that they can turn mountains on their way, and this, really, is true, because a happy woman is capable of any surprises. It is enough only for her to want something, as it immediately comes true, as if by the stroke of a magic wand.

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