The Sex of the Child Depends Not Only From the Mother

At Oxford University in the laboratory in the study of wild mice it was found that the ability of the father to influence the sex of the unborn child is equal to that of the mother.

If previously it was believed that a man always produces an equal number of X and Y chromosomes, and already a female body chooses what is more suitable for him, then the last discovery has made a whole revolution in the minds of scientists.

It turns out that men are genetically predisposed to produce more of these or other kinds of chromosomes.

So, if in a genus a man always had more boys than girls, then it’s unlikely that you will be able to get a beautiful daughter from her husband. And the same practice works in the reverse order, the sons are born to those who can be proud of a large number of brothers.

The female organism is always weaker, and therefore, even the predisposition of a woman to the processing of X chromosomes, will not be able to resist the huge pressure of chromosomes. It remains only to hope for the miracle that sometimes happens in our lives, and a woman can get both a boy and a girl at once.

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