The Quality of Sleep Affects the Life Style

A person is not a robot. It is built in such a way that sleep is its integral part. Many can often joke that we give a third of our life in a dream.

With this statement it is impossible not to agree.

This is exactly the case. After all, in order to lead the remaining two parts in health, we must give the body a full rest and resume its strength.

If you noticed, the newborn baby sleeps more than 12 hours a day. It is during this period of time that he is actively growing and growing up. It’s the same with an adult. To him to fully recover his strength, the body must sleep at least 7 hours a day.

During sleep, we have a mechanism that restores completely metabolic processes, as well as a muscular structure. In addition, it is at night that the hormone testosterone works best. It participates in many growth processes, and also favorably affects the mechanism of cell division and wound healing.

Therefore, you need to sleep at night for every person. Try not to use your gadgets in bed before going to bed. This leads the body into irritation and will not give a sound sleep.

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