The Most Valuable to a Woman – This is Health

What can this happen in the psyche of a woman, so that, contrary to her own instinct for self-preservation, she is ready to take risks.

Health should be protected even when it seems to you that there is not a single threatening factor around. Just do not need to be careless.

And if a woman deliberately tolerates bullying by a man, which can lead to a violation of her general condition, it is already considered not just a psychological but a mental illness.

Even animals do not give themselves offense. So why did the men decide that they can do anything with the one who agreed to share their lives with them.
A good attitude towards his wife is shown only in men who are strong in character. For them it is simply not acceptable to offend those who are weaker than them.

So it turns out that at the first signs of aggression on the part of men, a woman should make a clear position that her health and life are inviolable. No one should encroach on what does not belong to him, especially if it concerns the health of another person.

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