The Method of Wellness to All Who is Over Forty is Very Simple

Milanese scientists made a very interesting discovery, finding out that only laughter allows a person who is already forty years old to direct his health in the right direction.

It turns out that if you laugh at least thirty minutes a day, you can improve the performance of all internal organs.

This is due to the vibration of the organs during laughter. At this point, the heart, lungs and liver, get a kind of rejuvenating effect.

Also, when a person laughs, blood circulation improves. The brain is saturated with oxygen and begins to work better. For people over forty, this is a very useful activity, because rejuvenation in their body is already practically slowing down. And if you want to look young and fresh for a very long time, then start laughing today.

In many European countries, even courses for learning laughter. And also became very popular yoga of laughter, which trains people to laugh and get pleasure from it. Europeans very much follow their health and can boast a life expectancy exceeding all other peoples several times.

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