The Image of the Perfect Man Can Surprise You

Quite recently, one of the American porn sites, which has a huge audience and many registered users, conducted its own research and showed the image of the ideal man.

It turns out that the most popular inquiries among women from all over the world was not a sports Latin American who has a beautiful body and elastic buttocks, but a slightly plump and with a hairy chest a forty-year-old man.

Very surprised the results and the researchers themselves, but the fact remains. Women are much more likely to write in the search for the word “hairy chest” and “man with a belly” than, for example, “sexual body.”

So on the basis of this study, you can safely say that sports men are out of fashion and no longer interested in modern women.

Therefore, if you have a “perfect man” on your couch at home, do not rush to send him to the gym, perhaps most of the female population of your city envies you. So take a closer look at your man and never blame him for his shortcomings, which in a few years, can become the greatest virtues.

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