The Image of the Fatal Woman

Sometimes, each girl wants to dye his hair in a burning black color, lips in red lipstick, put on a dress on the floor and high heels.

At such a time, it is better not to stand in the way of this woman.

It’s like a whirlwind will blow everything in the neighborhood. And if after a couple of hours no peace comes, then you need to treat only a good conversation with your girlfriend.

Heavy workdays and the second change of the house, sometimes even out of the rut even the strongest female nerves. The emotional state begins to resemble a cactus, which is pricked from the slightest touch.

Therefore, to give vent to their emotions and just let off steam, you need to periodically wear the image of a fatal woman. Go to the disco and remember those years when you were carefree. And after the soul calms down, go home and enjoy everything that happened. Such a discharge should be sufficient for a long period, unless, of course, you do not want to do this every weekend.

But in this there is nothing wrong, the main thing to remember is that on Monday you need to go to work.

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