The Harmful Habit of the Century

It turns out that after the results of the study of American scientists were published, the most harmful habit of modernity was the use of mobile gadgets in the toilet.

This, in the opinion of scientists, can lead to irreversible consequences in the development of intestinal diseases and even heart attacks.

If you, too, are ready to write yourself to 90% of Americans who use a smartphone in the toilet, then you should carefully consider this issue. After you have mastered your need, you must immediately leave the toilet and continue to do what interests you. But a long time sitting on the toilet, makes you squeeze the blood vessels, and the legs become dumb in consequence. And after a while, daily such procedures, you can get varicose veins or thrombosis, which is even more dangerous.

Before entertaining yourself in the restroom, just think about your own health, which simply screams for help, in those cases when you forget about it. Do not degrade your condition just trying to entertain yourself.

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