The Growth of a Man May Threaten Him With Rare Diseases

If a person has grown above average growth and is much higher than this value, then he should beware of the appearance of such diseases as thrombosis or disruption in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Very often, people are sure that their growth will not bring any negative consequences and can be a guarantee of a successful life, but more often than not everything is the other way around.

If a person with a very high growth does not find an application in life, or is not realized as a professional athlete, it will be quite difficult for him to live at all the way he wants. Very often, it is high people who suffer from various mental illnesses caused by insolvency and the inability to realize themselves in life.

Hence, the development of various diseases in high people occurs much more often than in the low. That’s why they say that it’s harder to live high and they can find use only in sports such as volleyball or basketball, and also in the military field. If you have high growth, do not get upset in advance, just try to do everything possible to get the most benefit from your situation.

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