The Beauty of Smoking Women is Fairly Doubtful

If we see in the street, as a woman lights a cigarette and continues to do this until the very end, then some sense of disgust does not leave our mind for a very long time.

Men very rarely admit that they like a smoking girl, just because it smells bad.

Tobacco smoke destroys female attractive fluids, which must be developed at a time when she wants to please some man.

But very often we see from TV screens that we are trying to instill the beauty of a smoking woman who sits in a restaurant and drinks alcohol at the same time. When young people react positively to these moments, we get bitter statistics that already at the age of fourteen, the girls smoke on the same level as the boys. And it looks awful.

But if our children constantly talk about the dangers of smoking, or its consequences, it is possible to grow a healthy generation without bad habits, which will look at the world not through the veil of tobacco smoke. Teach your children how to be healthy, and always start with yourself.

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