The Aging Process Defeated by English Scientists

More recently, the British have made an incredible statement that red wine, black chocolate, blueberries and grapes have trace elements that can affect cell division.

Thus, those cells that were not active, and also began to age earlier than others, under the influence of these enzymes, began to reproduce at the usual rate, but at the same time, they had more stable connections.

Scientists say that natural red wine, as well as black chocolate can not only influence the process of rejuvenation, but also make your skin much healthier.

Therefore, every time you have the opportunity to make your body pleasant, do not miss it. And it is also important to remember that the benefits of wine are achieved only with a limited amount, namely no more than two glasses per day. And with chocolate, too, you need to be extremely careful.

Therefore, in order to get health, you need to be able to correctly calculate all the acceptable limits. Moreover, for an adult who after drinking drinks a glass of wine, it can be very difficult to stop at one.

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