That Men Have Struck Out Of The Life Of Women

It turns out that some moments of our female life, which we try to do, just to please men, they do not tolerate the spirit.

So, let’s get acquainted with some of them:

1) Puffed lips and painted eyelashes. Everything that looks not natural, simply annoys men. And if on the first date, he does not say anything about it, then you can be sure that you will not get another one if your eyebrows are too bright or your lips are too big.
2) Facial cream and hairspray. If the color of your face is too different from the color of the neck, and the hair has a coagulated structure on your head, you can be sure that the man will not be fascinated, but unpleasantly amazed that it will affect his attitude towards you as a woman.
3) Red lipstick and lip gloss. Of course, if you go on a date with weather-beaten lips, it will be even worse, and with lipstick color you should be more careful.

Modern decorative cosmetics allows a woman to enjoy the persistence of lipstick for many hours, but the man has your lipstick, absolutely no hunting, especially if she then remains on his face or on the elements of clothing.

Not to mention the lip glosses, which have a too sticky texture and do not look appetizing.

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