Than in the Heat To Quench Thirst

Scientists have proved that in hot weather, thirst arises from a violation of the water-salt balance, maybe, therefore, some experts recommend drinking water with the addition of a small amount of salt.

It is worth remembering that dehydration is one of the causes of some diseases, and also negatively affects the general state of health, provoking the appearance of headaches, insomnia, rapid fatigue. Some categories of people in the heat drink sweet soda water, kvass, or ready-made tea with additives that are sold in stores, while not thinking that with the help of such drinks can not quench your thirst, but the sugar contained in them helps wash out salt from organism.

In order to replenish the stock of salts and minerals that leave the body together with increased sweating, mineral water is suitable, provided that drinking it is within normal limits, and its mineralization should not exceed 3%.

In addition to this, ordinary water with lemon juice or other citrus cultures quenches your thirst. In this case, its benefits are increased due to the presence in them of a large number of vitamins, as well as substances that help reduce the risk of blood clots. Such experts recommend drinking water to those people who often have convulsions, which deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Cold Drinking Water Becomes the Cause of Some Diseases

Experts say that it is during the summer when the heat increases the number of patients suffering from angina, as well as from attacks of angina and strokes. Strangely enough, but often the cause of diseases is cold water.

The fact is that during its use there is a sharp temperature drop, which causes a spasm of blood vessels, and that it does not happen, it is necessary to drink water at room temperature in small sips.

It is worth remembering that the feeling of thirst does not increase, only because of the heat, but also after consuming fatty, fried salty foods, as well as smoked products, so it is better at this time to better limit them. Give more preference to vegetables, fruits, berries and greens, which during their ripening contain a large number of vitamins and other nutrients, and some of them contribute to the normalization of water balance.

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