Than Danger of Ignoring the Cold

The dynamics of modern life does not allow you to allocate a few days to properly lie back, if the body is unwell.

Several tablets, hot teas and drops against the cold – and you can assume that everything is in order.

This is how modern people tolerate diseases. However, often this disregard for one’s own organism can prove very bad. An untreated cold or flu-borne flu can lead to severe and often irreparable consequences. One of the most difficult variants of complicating diseases of acute respiratory disease can be considered pneumonia. It can manifest itself directly in the peak of the disease or, a few days after it. Weakened immunity can not independently rid itself of microorganisms and develops pneumonia.

And if this disease occurs, hospitalization can not be avoided, and the treatment will take much longer than the hospital for ARI. No less dangerous are complications in the form of otitis or sinusitis. Also as a result of secondary infection, there may be problems with the heart, kidneys and nervous system. There are a lot of complications, and each of them is as dangerous as possible, so do not neglect your own health and life, with the first manifestations of colds, be treated properly, and things wait.