Tea with Mint Helps Relieve Stress

060920165Stressful situations are an integral part of modern life. Despite the fact that all we know about the destructive effects of stress on our body, totally protect yourself from it is almost impossible. However, in such situations it is possible to find an effective solution to help effectively deal with stress.

For example, many neurologists recommend to de-stress with the help of tea and mint. It turns out that this is quite an ordinary drink has amazing beneficial properties. Simply brew green tea and throw him a few mint leaves. As a result, you get not only fragrant and delicious drink, but also a powerful antidepressant.

Peppermint is widely used in medicine as a natural sedative. Due to its unique properties, it helps to expand cardiac vessels in the brain and lungs, which can effectively lower blood pressure and normalize the functioning of the heart. That is why it is often recommended for patients who have problems with stress or suffer from high blood pressure. In addition, many doctors recommend the use of mint tea on the morning after, as before you drink a lot of alcohol.

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