Tart And Sweet Persimmons

November is the time to start actively eating a delicious and healthy persimmon.

This fruit of the same tree is the richest source of valuable vitamins.

The sweet and juicy fruit can not be compared to any other exotic or fruit of local origin. It contains much more benefits than in apples. This fruit is a powerful antioxidant that can remove from the body even ingrained toxins.

Persimmon is also known as the main source of tannins, which prevent the onset of diseases of the heart system.

Regular use of persimmons can be a powerful preventive agent, against heart attacks and strokes.

Only one persimmon per day prevents the development of problems with the circulatory processes. Infinite wealth of useful microelements and vitamins makes the fruit truly unique. It has a positive effect on flora of the intestines, helps strengthen the stool with diarrhea. A high iron content can help prevent anemia. Particularly useful is the fruit of women who have a child.