Tableware from the Glass Carries a Threat in Itself

Employees of the research center from the UK recently launched the idea that eating glassware can be dangerous to health.

To be more precise, the source of harm is not in the glass itself, but in its cover. Particularly toxic may be the ornaments that decorate the dishes.

Studies have revealed that in the composition of colored paints there may be inclusions of heavy metals, which lead to destructive processes for the human body. Regular contact of the oral cavity with dyes promotes the deep penetration of toxic substances into cells and settles there.

Then the blood flow carries these toxins throughout the body. Tests of scientists confirmed the high likelihood of corroding the outer layer of the paint with acidic or sharp products. And as a result, a high concentration of heavy metals enters the body. They also noted that the most dangerous are the dyes of warm colors – red and yellow. The most safe is the paint is white. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly update the supplies of dishes, do not use obsolete plates and cups and prefer colorless options.

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