Symptoms Pointing to Lack of Useful Substances

With the onset of cold weather, especially when the air temperature changes sharply, a certain category of people, most often with chronic diseases, experience an exacerbation.

In addition, a significant proportion of elderly people feel unwell, which is accompanied by a change in blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety and other symptoms that worsen the quality of life.

An important factor is that in the autumn period, cases of catarrhal and viral diseases increase, because the body does not have time to prepare, especially for those who have weak immunity or lack of nutrients.

In order for this to happen, people, regardless of age categories, need to revise the diet, paying attention to some symptoms that may indicate a shortage of certain vitamins or minerals.

Potassium Deficiency Can Cause Arterial Pressure Jumps

For example, with insufficient amount of potassium, jumps in blood pressure, a violation in the work of muscle and nerve cells are most often observed, as a result of which there may be arrhythmia, renal insufficiency, and bone fragility. In such cases, it is recommended to eat more foods with a high content of potassium and magnesium, which have a positive effect on the work of the heart and strengthen the walls of the vessels.

These include dried apricots, prunes, pumpkin, tomatoes, as well as sea fish of fatty varieties and other products.

To maintain the intestinal microflora in good condition, it is worth using more foods with dietary fiber, which include dried fruits, legumes, as well as rice, bread and others due to which the digestion and assimilation of food is not only accelerated, but harmful accumulations are also derived.

Lack of calcium leads to increased brittleness of bones, brittle nails, and do not forget that this mineral is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to various points of the body. You can increase the supply of calcium, including in the diet of cottage cheese, walnuts, eggs and broccoli.