Symptoms of Kidney Disease

The general well-being of a person largely depends on the work of the organs, and if problems begin, then first of all it is necessary to seek medical help, because any disease lends itself to effective treatment at the initial stage.

As the website writes, the kidneys play an important role in providing vital activity, because they cleanse blood from various impurities. The main symptoms that indicate a violation of the kidneys are rapid fatigue, and even in those cases when there was no heavy physical exertion and no sleep was observed.

In addition, in such cases, people are often in a state of apathy, when there is no desire even to take a walk in the park, to meet friends.

Failure in the Work of the Kidneys Causes Insomnia

People suffering from kidney disease often have a sleep disorder, and as a result, the appearance of headaches, irritability, nervousness, which naturally worsens the quality of life and negatively affects working capacity. In addition to cleansing the blood, the kidneys control the amount of minerals, and if there is a malfunction in their work, it affects the skin condition, which becomes dry and itching appears.

Often people with kidney disease have puffiness under the eyes, especially in the morning, because a large amount of protein is excreted from the body. Sometimes there are cases when the extremities often swell, because the water-salt balance changes due to disruption of the kidneys.

The main causes of disruption of these organs are alcohol abuse, smoking, as well as taking certain medicines for a long period of time and including foods high in nitrates and chemicals in the diet. An important factor is that if the blood is not completely cleansed, then in the course of time many harmful substances accumulate in the body, as a result of which an unpleasant odor from the mouth and a metallic taste can appear. All this can cause a change in taste, which reduces appetite and worsens the quality of life.

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