Symptoms of Arthritis

Experts note that every year more and more people complain of the appearance of such a disease as arthritis, and not only the elderly, but also young people.

Arthritis, like any disease, is easier to treat at the initial stage, but there are some symptoms that indicate the possibility of this disease, due to which it can not be tolerated. It is worth noting that chronic arthritis is difficult to treat, so you need to do everything possible to prevent it from appearing.

One of the causes of this disease is sedentary work, especially this is relevant for the category of people who are forced to work at a computer, because almost every day they are sitting for at least seven hours.

The appearance of pain in the joints at night can indicate the onset of the inflammatory process, as a result of which arthritis develops. If you begin to notice that the movement of the joints is difficult after sleeping or prolonged sitting, then this may indicate that you have rheumatoid arthritis. The same goes for the situation, if you periodically experience the pain of the big toe that occurs when a gout is attacked.

Osteoarthritis Appears when walking on a staircase

If there is osteoarthritis, then this disease manifests itself in the form of knee pain when climbing or descending the stairs. Inflammatory process in the joints can provoke an increase in body temperature.

To define this disease also it is possible on consolidations in the form of cones which appear on joints of fingers of hands or feet.

In order to prevent the occurrence of arthritis it is necessary to adhere to some tips, among which to lead an active lifestyle, adhere to dietary nutrition and prevent the emergence of excess weight, which increases the load on the joints of the legs. In the winter, do not allow the body to subcool. With sedentary work every forty-five minutes, do not forget about warm-ups, the duration of which should be at least ten minutes. Among sports it is recommended to give preference to swimming, both in closed and open reservoirs.