Sweets, Provoking Diseases

Sweets like not only children, but also adults, while many do not even think that many of them can cause serious diseases.

The fact is that in the production of certain food products, chemical additives are used in the form of dyes, flavor enhancers, as well as those that contribute to the extension of shelf life.

For example, in the production of corn chips, which are increasingly popular, to impart a taste and color, use a dye produced from petroleum.

Getting into and accumulating in the body these substances, worsen the overall health and can become a cause of oncological diseases, not to mention that worsen the work of many organs. The same goes for biscuit desserts, the frequent use of which worsens the work of the stomach and intestines.

The content of Erythrosin Dangerous for Health

Especially dangerous are those sweets in which erythrosin is added, because the specialists have proved that this substance provokes the appearance of tumors of the thyroid gland. Do not forget that almost all confectionery products contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes, as well as combined fats, which naturally contributes to the development of obesity, both in adults and in children.

In order not to expose your health to the risk of the appearance of various diseases, nutritionists recommend more often include in the diet dried fruits, honey, fresh berries and fruits, which contain many useful substances.

As for drinks, instead of packaged juices and sweet soda water, it is better to prepare compote, juice, brew green or black tea with the addition of herbs, and also not to forget about clean water that must be drunk daily. This is especially true for children whose body is in the process of formation.

Due to the use of a large number of sweets, in addition to obesity, diabetes can develop, from which every year an increasing number of people of all age categories, including children, suffer. In summer, to strengthen immunity and replenish the stores of vitamins, it is recommended every day to eat dishes made from fresh vegetables, greens, fruits.

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