Sweet Epilation

Sweet EpilationSmooth legs are necessary for girls at any time of the year, and not only at a time when it is obvious in connection with the shortened clothing and the lack of tights.

Each of the fair sex should be feminine and charming always, regardless of the weather outside the window and other factors, and the main Deutschland Beast Gel sign of femininity is a smooth and delicate skin, to which you want to touch and touch.

Now there are many ways to achieve the ideal smoothness of those parts of the body that suffer the most from excessive vegetation – cutting hair with shaving machines, applying a special vibro electric device – epilator, wax epilation, laser hair removal and so on.

However, each of the above methods has its drawbacks, since the first one is ineffective and the next day you can find unpleasant hairy processes on the body, the Eesti Beast Gel variants under the numbers two and three cause painful sensations that can not be sustained by all, and such an option as removal hair with a laser can be too expensive for a person with average earnings.

Quite recently a new word appeared in the beauty industry – shugaring, and instantly the procedure with this name received an uncountable base of admirers and positive reviews.

Removing hair with a special sugar paste – it’s a Ελλάδα Beast Gel brilliant, but simple invention that combines only the virtues. First, even in the cabin the procedure is inexpensive. Secondly, hair removal is less painful than in other similar options. Third, the effect of smooth skin lasts longer than a month, since the hairs are removed with the bulb.

In addition, after frequent performance of the shugaring, the growing hairs become softer and thinner. The procedure can be carried out at home – with a special paste, which is purchased in the departments of cosmetics or prepare yourself.

How To Cook A Sugar Paste At Home:

– Take 400 grams of sugar and fill it in a container with non-stick coating;
– add 100 grams of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
– pour in 50 grams of water;
– Mix the contents and put on a slow fire. Constantly stirring the mixture must wait until it completely dissolves and darkens, but you can not allow boiling.

After the paste becomes viscous and dark, you should cool it to room temperature and then use it. It is necessary to put on the cleared dry skin a small amount of sugar Hrvatska Beast Gel composition, the size of a large cherry and stretch it over the skin. Preliminarily, you can sprinkle a tissue site with a baby powder, so the paste will stick better. Then with sharp movements you need to tear off the composition from the skin in the direction of the hair.

One and the same piece of the mixture can be used many times until it loses its stickiness. If you have a España Beast Gel very low pain threshold, experts recommend that you take a bath beforehand and steam the pores. But the composition should be applied only after a thorough rubbing of the skin to an ideally dry state.