Summer – Mushroom Pick Time

With the onset of summer, most people prefer spending as much time as possible in the fresh air, traveling with the whole family to the forest and to the ponds.

This is especially true of urban residents, because such a holiday makes it possible to relieve nervous tension, enrich the blood with oxygen. And also get a lot of positive impressions. Experts note that recreation on the nature has useful properties, both on the physical condition of a person, and psychological.

Every day, faced with fuss, increased noise, dust and more artificial lighting, people often have headaches, insomnia, as well as nervous stress, often turning into depression. In order to prevent this, it is necessary not only during the holidays, but also on weekends to rest outside the city. One of the active recreation is the collection of mushrooms, which makes it possible to walk through the forest, but also to prepare delicious dishes.

Experts point out that during such activities a person does not notice how far he travels, and as you know, walking and the effect of clean air improve the functioning of the heart system, the brain, and also strengthens the muscles.

Useful Properties of Forest Mushrooms

Forest mushrooms contain many useful substances, including vitamins, not to mention the protein. However, it is worth remembering that improper handling of even edible fungi can not only worsen their taste, but also disrupt the work of the stomach, the liver. An important factor is that you can collect only those mushrooms in which you are sure, because poisonous mushrooms lead not only to food poisoning, but also to more serious consequences.

Moderate use of them does not contribute to a set of excess weight, because they contain a small number of calories, and as for the protein, then, for example, in a white mushroom, they are twice as large as in a chicken egg.

Do not forget that in forest mushrooms the phosphorus content is almost the same as in fish. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when frying in oil, they significantly increase the calorie content, not to mention the fact that under the influence of high temperatures a part of useful substances disappears.