Summer May Be Dangerous to the Intestine

Summer is time, which is caused by an abundance of fruits, vegetables and berries.

Their use in the daily diet should be at least 400-500 grams for an adult organism.

In addition, nutritionists say that the intake of vegetables in the gastrointestinal tract should be gradual, throughout the day. As for fruits, their reception is best done in the morning, as a means of a snack between breakfast and lunch. It is due to the fact that fruits have a lot of fructose. And consuming it in the afternoon after lunch, can lead to an excess of sugar in the blood, which will negatively affect the excess weight.

In summer, nutritionists focus on all these vegetables and fruits. Yes, they all have great benefits for a person. However, they can cause a significant part of intestinal diseases.

To avoid all this, doctors and nutritionists must insist that all these foods are thoroughly washed under running water. If you take an apple from a counter on the market and use it, then a person can swallow not a small number of infectious bacteria, bugs and worms that cause diarrhea, swelling and other diseases. Therefore, all you need is to wash vegetables, fruits and berries under running water!

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