Such Useful, But Very Dangerous Dried Fruits

It turns out that all products that are sold on the shelves of our stores, and I have the name of dried fruits, before being sold, are treated with sulfur dioxide.

This can become very dangerous for those who are not able to transfer the effect of this component to the human body.

After all, each person has his own reaction to such substances. And if someone can calmly eat even unwashed dried fruits brought from the store, then individual people after two or three berries, begin to feel a headache, perspiration, cough, runny nose and even nausea.

Such symptoms openly state the harm done to your health by seemingly useful products. So, before using dried fruits, make sure that you do not have such an organism reaction to sulfur dioxide. After all, then it will become much more difficult to eliminate the consequences. It is best not to allow the development of such phenomena. Doctors warn of the danger and recommend that the thermal treatment with boiling water, before you start using any dried fruits.