Such Different Alcohol

For the female and male body there are different types of alcohol, which can be considered safe.

And as you know, the effect of the same drink containing alcohol will act differently on the representatives of different sexes.

For example, if a woman consumes alcohol in the quantities that men can afford, then very soon, she will have to go to the hospital for help from alcohol intoxication.

But the male body is able to resist the effects of alcohol on the brain and all other internal organs much longer. Therefore, women who have not yet given birth, but dream of becoming mothers, it is simply necessary to forget what alcoholic beverages are. And men are concerned, which they want to leave behind a healthy generation.

In general, drinking alcoholic beverages has always been considered a sign of weakness of character and lack of education. Aristocrats never allowed themselves to get drunk to such an extent that memory was lost. This could threaten them with the loss of their entire state and position in society.

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