Strengthening Immunity On Budgetary Measures

Everyone knows that the arrival of autumn is marked by the majority of inflammation of chronic diseases.

It is with the change of the period of the year that all diseases that have the character of seasonality can worsen: vegetovascular dystonia, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive system, prostatitis, chronic rhinitis and its variety and so on.

Naturally, people know about their problems and try to drunk the course of medicines before the change of the season to transfer their condition from acute to remission.

However, there are financial problems, because of which it becomes difficult to purchase medications. Therefore, we can recall the “grandmother’s” methods and try to reduce the degree of acuity of inflammatory processes with folk remedies. All known lemons, honey, dog rose have a significant content of vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory drugs, which can be used as a prophylaxis for colds of chronic diseases.

You can also eat baked pumpkins for problems with gastrointestinal tracts, and for problems with the vegetative system and heart disease – tinctures of motherwort and valerian

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