So Is Harmful Pasta

In terms of proper nutrition, pasta is an unhealthy product for daily use.

Nutritionists say that they cause excess weight in humans, as well as provoke a lot of diseases associated with slagging of human vessels and subcutaneous fat.

However, many bodybuilders have a different opinion about pasta. They argue that pasta is an excellent source of energy. In addition, pasta is simply necessary for a person, during his growth, for example, in school-age children, as well as for a quality set of muscle mass.

Also, athletes claim that pasta does not cause obesity, they should be consumed in the first half of the day and without additional additives, for example, meat.

Italian scientists, over the past few years have conducted a study in which they decided to change the opinion that not such harmful pasta. As a result of their experiment, it turned out that, indeed, pasta helps to absorb vitamins better, and also those who eat them most often eat greens, salads and fruits.

However, this does not prove that eating macaroni does not lead to a set of excess mass.

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