Smoking Very Severely Harm Children

When a family smokes one of the parents or two at once, then for a child’s health, this is a very bad indicator.

The fact is that even after eliminating the habit of smoking indoors, parents rarely realize all the harm from this occupation.

Small particles of nicotine and the products of its decay, which carry the greatest danger of being excreted from the body throughout the year, can settle on clothes and hair, and when a parent who smokes a cigarette on the street comes into the house, he brings with him everything that breathes to the child simply it is contraindicated.

Small children are especially sensitive to allergenic particles and can very quickly earn themselves asthma. But for this it is necessary that parents take the child in their arms immediately after they have smoked.

And few people understand that children should not suffer from the bad habits of their parents. They have every right to grow in a healthy environment and not breathe the smoke that so likes his adult parents. Try to give your child the choice of how to grow – healthy and strong or have bad habits, like parents.

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