Smoking in Schoolchildren Causes Anemia

Such a dangerous disease as anemia can occur in those children under the age of sixteen who are actively smoking for at least six months.

This problem exists in most countries of the world, where tobacco products can be purchased in free access, as well as educational Erozon Max официален сайт България institutions, there is no concern for what students do during breaks.

These costs of educational methods lead to the fact that children under sixteen start to smoke from the second class, and by the age of twelve the number of smoking teenagers is about thirty percent.

This figure is an abnormal phenomenon for those countries that clearly limit the access of people under the age of twenty-one to alcohol and tobacco products.

In addition to the fact that smoking causes cancer Erozon Max site officiel France of the lungs and other organs of the respiratory system, it can also lead to the development of asthma, allergic reactions of a chronic nature, and many other diseases, including anemia.

The Control Of Adolescents Is Established By Parents

For the fact that the child is addicted to smoking, parents should answer. After all, this is their omission in education, as well as the unconscious choice of the child.

After all while your son or daughter lives with you in one apartment, studies at school and is engaged Erozon Max službene web stranice Hrvatska in sports games, you can supervise all its actions and in time to notice that cigarettes have entered a life of the child.

At the first stages of this behavior, it is still possible to solve simply by talking with the child, but in a more neglected case, you will have to resort not only to psychologists, but also to the doctors, to cure this dependence.

And while you yourself do not teach the child how to behave and what to do in your spare time, he will seek help from his peers who do not always Erozon Max site oficial Portugal have a positive impact. Therefore, try on a personal example to show the child that life, to which he should strive. Give as much as possible to him time, and also try to be more often interested in his hobbies.

Smoking in adolescence is much more dangerous than when a person is already consciously entering this dangerous road, leading to certain diseases.

After all, a weak baby organism, which is exposed to tobacco and other dangerous Erozon Max oficjalna strona internetowa Polska microelements contained in a cigarette, is unable to cope with such a load and completely reject poisons. Thus, having learned that your child has started to smoke, try to react as soon as possible to this, so that there is no reason then to treat the child from many all sorts of diseases.