Smoking Became a Cause of Schizophrenia

As it turned out, scientists from the UK found that the harmful substances that are contained in tobacco smoke, greatly affect the human brain.

And more often it is smoking that becomes the main reason that a person has the first signs of schizophrenia.

This disease brings a lot of negative consequences, up to the point that it will no longer be possible to cure it. Most hospitals that accept to themselves the constant maintenance of people suffering from schizophrenia, are convinced that only smoking has become this guilt. Therefore, in such establishments it is strictly forbidden to smoke not only patients, but also the personnel, in order to exclude the possibility of deterioration of the state of health of their wards.

Many smokers do not even realize the danger that they face every time they light a new cigarette. But this man’s enemy acts very slowly, but confidently. And almost always unnoticeable until the most acute period of the disease. Try to remember as often as possible about the dangers of smoking, and then you will not have a desire to smoke.