Sleep In One Bed With A Dog Harmful

Some people love their pets so much that they can even sleep with them in the same bed and under one blanket.

But according to scientists from Virginia, this behavior of domestic animals should not be permissible.

After all, at night dogs often wake up their masters by being too active during sleep.

Scientists also argue that those masters who protect their pets and do not admit that without them they sleep much more tightly and less often wake up at night can become hostage to the situation when an animal will have a certain reflex that will be set to the fact that it can only fall asleep in the master’s bed.

And this is fundamentally wrong. After all, a dog should not suffer from your loneliness in bed and be able to be free, for which she needs the skills of independent sleep.

Therefore, when acquiring a dog in your house, do not make her do what she does not like by nature. Any animal wants to have freedom and to be free, and a joint dream with the owner only worsens their development and full-fledged upbringing.

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