Sleep For Skin Youth

Scientists who have long been concerned with the preservation of youthful skin during sleep, found that the ideal position of sleep only in the position on the back, when the skin of the face almost does not touch the pillow.

When you sleep on your side, a few years later, one side of the face can get more wrinkles in the eye area than the other.

And it will look very ugly. And if your favorite position of sleep on your stomach, then wake up with a face that is not rumpled is almost impossible. This behavior during sleep, very much affects the skin and can cause more deeper wrinkles. Over time, fine lines will turn into deep wrinkles and only a plastic surgeon can help.

Therefore, accustom yourself to sleep on your back and will be able to evaluate the result in a few months. You will notice that after a dream your face looks very beautiful and fit. It will seem that the skin itself is leveled and thus for a long time remains fresh and young. You can take care of your beauty even in a dream.

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