Skin is an indicator of our health

What is the skin? In any biology textbook, you can find information that it is a protective tissue that prevents the impact of the environment on our body.

But if you look at this issue more closely, you will be able to see several interesting and unusual facts. For example, epidermal tissue is one of the key indicators of the health status of the whole organism.

When you are completely healthy, the skin looks beautiful, supple and smooth. But if there are any problems, it is often the epidermis that reacts first.

What can the skin tell about?

In fact, the skin of the face and body can tell a lot about what you need to pay special attention to. In particular, the lack of vitamins or micronutrients in the body instantly affects the skin condition – it becomes dry, there is peeling or unpleasant itching.

If you have red spots or inflammation on your face, consult a gastroenterologist, because there is probably a digestive system problem.

Too oily skin indicates the abnormal operation of the sebaceous glands and the excessive secretion of subcutaneous fat. This often causes the appearance of black spots and acne on the face, which cause many problems for both women and men.

Cellulitis on the hips and legs can be a signal that it’s time to limit nutrition and increase physical activity.

Pigmented spots are a consequence of an overabundance of melanin synthesis, resulting from malnutrition or high stress.

In order to eliminate skin problems, simple cosmetics are not enough. You should understand that any makeup struggles with the consequences, but does not eliminate the cause of the problem. If you have any problems with the skin, be sure to consult a doctor and take care of your health. This concerns not only the transition to proper nutrition, but also the rejection of bad habits, normalization of sleep and rest, as well as other important points that will help you to normalize all internal processes in the body.

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