Sharp Arterial Pressure Jumps

In the summer period of the year, it is often possible to observe a situation where a clear sky is suddenly closed by dark clouds and pouring rain begins accompanied by a thunderstorm, while after the heat the air temperature suddenly drops sharply, or vice versa.

At such times, people often deteriorate health status, especially for people who suffer from abnormalities in blood pressure.

In such cases, experts recommend adhering to a properly balanced diet, drinking as much liquid as possible, giving preference to clean water, which helps to thin the blood, and to avoid stress.

Hypotonics, and this category includes people who have it low, with a sharp change of weather feel tired, despite a full rest, they begin to feel dizzy, the pressure continues to drop and falls to indicators that are life threatening, while increasing it independently it is very difficult.

How to Prevent Worsening of the Health Condition

To prevent deterioration of the condition, it is necessary to carry out medical advice as a preventive measure. First, you should abandon any physical activity, including sports, observe the daily routine in which there is enough time to give a sleep, and, regardless of the situation, try not to be nervous, especially if you are not able to do something, or change it.

During breakfast, you need to drink sweet coffee, because caffeine and glucose contribute to increased blood pressure, and during the day to drink herbal decoctions, using ginseng, eleuterococcus and green tea.

As for hypertensive patients, to reduce the pressure, a mors made from cranberries or cranberries is a good fit, and so that such berries are always available, they can be frozen, and, in this form, they do not lose their useful properties. Also a good effect gives mineral water with the addition of lemon juice. People who often suffer from such ailment should be twice a day to measure the pressure and if its indicators are too high, it is necessary to lie down and try to relax.