Sex On The Side Is Useful For Health

Scientists from Virginia have proved that regular sex on the side is very useful not only for men, but for women.

This behavior strengthens family relationships and makes marriage stronger.

Of course, we are talking about fleeting intrigues, and if you have a permanent lover, then this can be the reason for the divorce. In general, sex outside of marriage, a very fine line that is easy to cross, and do not even notice how you turn from a mistress and wife into a lonely and useless woman.

In many countries of the world, betrayal in family life means that one of the spouses is not happy with his position or sexual life. They start looking for someone on the side to satisfy their desires, but because the habit plays a role, they are not going to lose their soul mate. This is very insulting and dangerous for family life.

And although scientists are confident that fleeting sex on the side can strengthen family ties, in practice, it usually happens the other way around. Therefore, if you have a strong family and a wonderful spouse, do not try your luck by having a lover.

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