Sex In Socks Can Be More Pleasant

Scientists can not yet say how socks affect the orgasm of a woman, but the fact that this fact takes place can not be denied.

In the study it was noted that more than ninety percent of women who had sex in their socks and without them noted the ability to achieve orgasm much more quickly when the legs are warm.

The connection between socks and orgasms has not yet been established, but scientists already recommend that all women do not spend their intimate life on experiments, but rather rely on the majority opinion and certainly wear socks before sex.

Perhaps the whole point is that in the toes capillaries on the legs open and bring heat in the form of additional blood, and a good circulation of blood throughout the body, favorably affects the opening of sensitivity. Women who are accustomed to pretend during sex, must certainly try for themselves this trick, perhaps they will no longer have to deceive anyone and every time enjoy the process. After all, sex is the art of love, which you need to be able to do.

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