Sex In Old Age Develops Intelligence

British scientists conducted a very interesting study, which involved more than one hundred people, ranging in age from fifty to eighty-five years.

These men and women were asked how often they had sex, and after that they asked to answer a few questions of very easy testing.

It turns out that those people who have sex at this age at least twice a month are much better able to cope with the task, which was focused on memory, logic and attention. Sexual life in old age, still remains a very secret issue for each of the couples, because society is difficult to accept information about the fact that seventy-year-old people can have sex.

These stereotypes are time to break, scientists believe. After all, sex life, useful for the general condition of the body at any age and the longer it is, the happier and healthier people will be. And for those who do not want to take this information adequately, there is very simple advice, try yourself in thirty years not to have sex. If you can hold out for a few months, then in old age you will not be bored by intimate life, but there are people who do not want to deprive themselves of this pleasure until the last.

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