Several Myths about Catarrhal Diseases

With the advent of the Internet, an increasing number of people in the face of any health problems are trying to independently establish a diagnosis and even begin treatment, taking various medications.

Experts warn that such actions can cause serious consequences, especially for children who have a weak immune system.

In the spring period, the number of people who develop viral diseases increases.

This is due to the fact that in the winter the body does not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and other nutrients, not to mention that most people spend little time in the open air, which causes vitamin D deficiency.

When ARVI is not always observed High Temperature

Many parents believe that with ARVI, there must necessarily be a fever, which is not a reality, because the disease can differently proceed depending on the virus. There is an opinion according to which, if a child does not get high fever within three days, then the body is not able to cope with the virus, for which it is necessary to use antibiotics.

However, do not do this without consulting a doctor. It should be remembered that some colds, including bronchitis, are not treated with antibiotics, because these drugs are designed to fight a certain bacterium.

In order to avoid health problems, especially in the spring period, it is necessary to adhere to some tips, one of which is hardening, and, it should be done gradually and start better in the warm season. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the ration of baby food, eliminating all harmful products from it, from the use of which deteriorate the protective properties of the body.

Instead of cakes, sweets and other sweets, it is better to give the baby honey and black chocolate, naturally in moderation, as well as dried fruits, apples, bananas, citrus cultures that are rich in vitamins and amino acids. Do not forget about dairy and marine products, which will supplement the body with calcium, omega3 and other useful substances.

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