Second Marriage – Always Least Happy First

If in a woman’s life there was such an event as a divorce, it is very rare who agrees again to try again.

And if there appears a worthy at first glance candidacy, it is not always the woman agrees to this adventure called “family life” again.

After all, how often do psychologists say that as long as a woman does not change within herself and does not change her attitude toward herself, she will again and again be visited by the same people. Although people, of course, will be different, but they have the same type.

Having decided on a second marriage, a woman can not even count on a small fraction of happiness if she repeats her past mistakes. It is enough for her to have only one drawback in the form of a low self-esteem, and male scoundrels will stick to her, like flies on honey.

Therefore, in order to become happy and not allow someone to use your kindness, it is necessary to put a clear framework of what is called kindness and pride. You just need to know who can give a smile, and who does not necessarily even nod your head in response.

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