Rules When Visiting the Solarium

According to statistics, every year more and more people prefer to rest on the seaside during summer holidays and there are several reasons for this.

One of them is that such rest has a positive effect on the psychological state, because the water acts relaxing on the central nervous system.

In addition, sea water contains not only salt, but also a variety of different microorganisms that can strengthen immunity. And this is not saying that during sunburn the body receives vitamin D, which is necessary for the process of metabolism, the work of organs, and also the absorption of calcium.

Such rest is useful for people of all age categories, except for those who have some chronic diseases, most often associated with cardiac dysfunction.

However, after the end of the summer season, tanning can be obtained only when visiting the solarium, adhering to certain rules. One of them is that with prolonged exposure to the skin of ultraviolet rays, the risk of developing cancer, as well as getting burns, increases.

Frequent Sunburn in the Solarium Accelerates Aging Skin

Frequent visits to the solarium can cause the appearance of early wrinkles and aging of the skin. Before you go to sunbathe, you need to examine the skin condition so that it does not have any rashes, redness, irritation, because complications can occur.

Especially it concerns those persons who have a light skin, as a result of which they often have burns.

Also, you should not visit the solarium if a neoplasm is found, and it does not matter whether it is benign or malignant. Everyone knows that pregnant women should always be cautious and naturally refuse such procedures.

The same applies to people who have an inflammatory process in which the body temperature is higher than normal, because this can lead to complications and even loss of consciousness during sunburn due to heat stroke. Also do not forget that the first visit should not be more than five minutes, while the face should not have makeup.