Reusable Plugs

Every woman, up to a certain age barrier with a frequency of once a month, thanks herself to wonderful inventions designed for personal hygiene.

As it is not difficult to guess, it is a question of tampons and gaskets.

It is hard to imagine how poor women lived without them in the past. What kind of difficulties and discomfort they regularly had to endure. Modern hygienic means allow not only to lead a normal life in critical days, but also not to completely limit oneself in active pastime. And, it would seem, that everything is clear and we do not need anything else.

But even in this delicate field of industry, the development does not stand still. And recently a new phrase appeared – gaskets of reusable use. Some may say that this invention is nothing but a step backwards, in the past where women had to soak and wash the used products.

But doctors from the field of gynecology are urged to switch from single-use pads to reusable pads. Their main advantage is the natural material of manufacture. They do not block the air circulation, as do disposable hygiene products. Therefore, painful menstrual sensations become much lower or completely disappear. Also, cotton products do not cause allergic rashes on delicate skin tissues. And the second undisputed plus is a significant budget saving.

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