Relationships That Claim To Continue

More and more often in the modern world, young couples get acquainted with the Internet and for a long time can correspond with each other with the help of instant messengers.

And sometimes these relationships develop into feelings, but very rarely go beyond electronic gadgets.

The fear that a person you have already fallen in love with can be disappointed with your appearance, and therefore the connection will be lost. Many young couples are afraid of this, so a long time and do not dare for the first date.

But even if it happens, what do we see? Most of the time during the meeting, young people spend again in front of the smartphone screens. Is it really no longer interesting for anyone to look into each other’s eyes and read all the thoughts in them? Is it really that feeling when, from the slightest touch, goosebumps go missing, and you want to repeat it again and again. And if among the thousands of such pairs there is at least one, who on the first and all other visits will use their smartphones only to answer the phone call, they can be considered real lucky ones.

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