Relations Should Be Healthy

Psychologists around the world claim that few people like to do, which he does not want.

But the modern world, forcing most people, is content with being small.

And if we add to this, the fact that about ninety percent of people are afraid of loneliness, we can safely say that they are satisfied with small things even where they should not do it.

To make novels or build relationships just for the sake of not being alone, is simply strictly forbidden.

It spoils a person. Makes him nervous and selfish. And even if such relations exist for existence, then hardly they will bring positive emotions into the lives of these people. And if next to you there will always be a person who annoys you, then very soon you will hate the whole world and including it. Therefore, do not be afraid of the fact that you will be left alone this evening, it is much more terrible to be near a person who is absolutely alien to you. And moreover, he does not want to put up with your views on life, forcing him to do everything the way he likes it. Better be alone, but do not meet with those who do not love you.

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