Reading Books Qualitatively

A very favorite thing for many people is to read the book before going to bed.

And almost ninety-nine percent of people do it lying down.

Of course, if we were told in childhood about the dangers of reading in a prone position, then probably no one would have done this, becoming an adult. But our parents read us stories for the night and at the same time lay with us in bed. Repeating the model of behavior of their parents, children very often adopt all the most harmful and bad.

So, if you read a book lying down, then you immediately make a lot of mistakes and incredibly harm your own health.

First, the vision and spine are broken, and secondly, you still do not remember anything. Moreover, this reading breaks memory in general. After all, when you go to bed, the body seems that it’s time for rest and it gradually begins to relax. But the book distracts him and therefore, our brain independently turns off this function to memorize the read. Therefore, if you like to read, try to get comfortable in a chair and enjoy such an incredible process that sometimes makes you lose touch with reality.

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